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How To Calculate Straight Stairs

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

There are several ways to calculate common stairs, I'll cover the easiest method i'vet found, which uses the RedX Stairs app

The images below are an example of a stringer layout plan the app will generate.

Measurements Required:

Here is the information you will need to enter into the app.

  • Stair total rise

  • Stringer width

Next select how the stair will connect at the top.

Stringer top connection redx stairs

Stair Plan:

With the required measurements entered the app will then automatically generate

  1. Stair side view plan

  2. Stringer layout plan

  3. List of stair details

stair plan how to calculate stairs cut stringer

Stair Customization

There are many things we can do to customize the stair plan to make it work for any type of stair.

Number of Steps

You set how many steps(risers) the stair will have. By changing the number of steps this will change the step heights.

Stair Angle Details

  • Stair angle

  • Single step run

  • Stair total run

Changing any one of these will change the angle of your stair.

Tread Details

  • Tread Thickness

  • Riser Thickness

  • Nosing Width

stringer thread thickness stair riser thickness stair nosing width

Stair Headroom Details

  • Stair headroom

  • Second floor height

  • Stair Opening

Changing any one of these will change the stair opening at the top of the stairs.

Other measurements the app will show you

Stringer measurements redx stairs app how to calculate

Save And Load Jobs

Now that you are done creating your plan lets go over how we can Save and load stair plans to the app for later use.

Saving a Job

Tap on the Save this Job button just above the plan, then tap on Name This Job to add a name. After that tap on the Save button!

Loading a Job

Tap on the Load A Job button just above the plan, then select the job you want to open and then tap on Load.

Print and Share The Plan


Tap on the Print button just above the plan, then select the printer you would like to print to.

Export as PDF

Tap on the Share button just above the plan. This will create a PDF version of the plan that you can share with other apps. For example you can save the PDF to your phone, email it, or send it in a text.

Save To Photos

Tap on the Save To Photos button just above the plan. The app will ask you permission to save the plan to your photos, tap on accept and thats it! The plan will have been saved to your photos.


Now that we went over the basics on how to create and calculate Straight stair plans on the RedX Stair app, you now have a powerful tool to help you calculate and design straight stairs. There are lots of other great features like Stairs with Landings, Spiral Stairs, Corner Stairs, Winder Stairs and others...

Do you think this is something that you would use? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you to all of you who have made it this far!


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