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How To Build Wall Plans With The RedX App

There are several ways to build Walls. I'll cover the easiest method i've found, which uses the RedX Wall App to create detailed and precise wall plans.

The image below is the Wall Plan we will be creating.

 redx walls wall plan with a window, intersecting wall, point load, beam pocket how to build a tall wall calculate

Measurements Required:

Here is the information you will need to know to enter into the app.

- Stud Height

- Wall Length

- Stud Spacing

With these 3 measurements the app will create a basic plan that will look like this.

straight wall plan redx walls how to create and build a wall calculate

App Wall Components

Tap on "Add Wall Components" to add a component to the wall. We will add a Window, Upper Top Plate, Intersecting Wall, Corner Backing, Point Load and a Beam Pocket for this tutorial. Feel free to add more items to your wall.

adding windows, doors, intersecting walls, beam pocket, corner backing, upper top plate, wall blocking, wall notes to a rake wall redx walls wall builder app

Customize Window Opening

Now that you've added the window opening to this wall, you can customize it's

- Window Width

- Window Height

- Distance From wall Start

- Top Of Window (height from the bottom of the wall to the top of window)

- Number of Jack studs (number of studs supporting the header)

- Header Details

- Add a Window Radius to have a curved window

- Add a Window Angle to have an angled window

Save the window Preset

Once you've completed adding this window opening, If you will have more walls that use this same window, You can save this window preset. So you wont need to re enter all of these measurements on your next wall.

Customize Upper Top Plate

Now that you've added the upper top plate to the wall you can change

- Distance from wall Start (The distance the top plate will go out or come in at the start of the wall. Example plus 5")

- Distance from wall End (The distance the top plate will go out or come in at the end of the wall. Example minus 5")

- Upper top plate thickness

Customize Beam Pocket

Now that you've added the beam pocket to your wall you can change the

- Distance from wall start (To centre of beam pocket)

- Beam Pocket Width

- Beam Pocket Height

Customize Intersecting Tall

Now that you've added the intersecting wall to your wall you can change the

- Distance from wall start (To the start of the intersecting wall)

- Intersecting wall width

- Show top plate gap (show the hole in the upper top plate)

- Add a wall backing (choose from the list of available backing types)

Customize Point Load

Now that you've added the point load to your wall you can change the

- Distance from wall start (To centre of Point Load)

- Number of Studs

Customize Corner Backing

Now that you've added the corner backing to your wall you can change the backing width and set the corner backing location, can be either at the start or end of the wall.

View Measurements

Great you've successfully built a wall plan! Now lets view all of the measurements to build this wall. Scroll down and you'll see

- Cut List

- Wall Details

- Window Details

- Point Load Details

- Intersecting Wall Details

- Beam Pocket Details

The cut list will include

- All of the upper top plate lengths

- Bottom cripple blocks for the window

- Top cripple blocks for the window

- Window sill plate length

- Wall bottom plate length

The wall details will include

- Wall length

- First stud centre

- Diagonal measurement to square your wall (From the bottom left corner to the top right corner)

- Number of full studs needed

- Wall Surface Area

The window details will include

- Header length

- Header material to use

- Window width

- Window height

- Top of window

- Top cripple height

- Bottom cripple height

- Number of jack studs

Save And Load Jobs

Now that you are done creating your plan, lets go over how we can Save and Load Plans for later use. Plans will be saved to you the cloud and you can access your saved plans on any of your devices.

Saving a Job

Tap on the Menu Button on the top right corner of the app bar, This will open up the side menu, from here you can Save the wall plan.

Loading a Job

To load a job from the home screen of the app you'll see Recent Builds from here you can select and load up one of your saved plans.

Print and Share The Plan:

Tap on the Menu Button on the top right corner of the app bar, This will open up the side menu, from here you can

Share to Group Folders

Group folders are a great way for to share plans with everyone on your team. Tap on the Share To Group Folder button, then select the group folder you would like to share the plan to. The plan will then be accessible for everyone who has access to that group folder.


Tap on the Print button, then select the printer you would like to print to.

Export as PDF

Tap on the Share button, This will create a PDF version of the plan that you can share with other apps. For example you can save the PDF to your phone, email it, or send it in a text.

Save To Photos

Tap on the Save To Photos, The app will ask you permission to save the plan to your photos, tap on accept and thats it! The plan will have been saved to your photos.


Now that we went over the basics on how to create wall plans on the RedX Wall App try to build your own custom wall! There are lots of other great features on the Wall App like Rake Walls , Stair Walls, and of course Tall Walls.

Do you think this is something that you would use? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks to all of you who made it this far!

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