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RedX Walls App

Upgrade your wall construction process with the RedX Wall App. This tool creates amazing wall plans and provides detailed cut lists effortlessly. Designed to save you time and to streamline your construction project, making it a vital asset to every construction project. 

Save, Print, Share: Effortlessly save your wall plans, print for hands-on use, or share with your team, for collaboration and productivity.

We've got you covered:

  • Straight Wall Builder

  • Rake Wall Builder

  • Tall Wall Builder

  • Angled Wall Builder


The RedX Wall App is your essential companion for creating stunning wall plans.

Enhance your wall construction process with the RedX Wall App - The new standard in precision building at your fingertips.

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RedX Roof App

IOS - Android - Web


RedX Stairs App

IOS - Android - Web


RedX Decks App

IOS - Android 

RedX Roof Builder

IOS - Android - Web

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RedX Walls App

IOS - Android - Web


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