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RedX Roof App

Elevate your roof construction with the RedX Roof App, incorporating advanced features across various platforms. Designed to save you time and enhance efficiency and precision. This tool eliminates complex calculations, becoming an indispensable asset.

Save, Print, Share: Effortlessly save your roof designs, print for hands-on use, or share with your team, for collaboration and productivity

Whether you're tackling:

  • Rafter Calculations

  • Hip Rafter Calculations

  • Valley Rafter Calculations

  • Truss Hip Rafters

  • Gambrel Roof Trusses

  • Gable Trusses

  • Bay Roofs

  • Plywood Angle Calculations

  • Turret Roof Construction

  • Dormer Building


RedX Roof App is your ultimate solution.

Empower your roof project with the RedX Roof App - Welcome to the future of construction at your fingertips.

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RedX Roof App

IOS - Android - Web


RedX Stairs App

IOS - Android - Web


RedX Decks App

IOS - Android 

RedX Roof Builder

IOS - Android - Web

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RedX Walls App

IOS - Android - Web


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